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Op-Eds and Blog Posts


Meyer, M., Turley. P, Benjamin. D. "Genetic Scoring Presents Opportunity, Peril." Medium, February 3, 2020.



Conference Papers

Benjamin, Daniel J. (2010). “White Paper for NSF Workshop on Genes, Cognition, and Social Behavior.” Presented 28 June 2010.
Final Report for NSF Workshop on Genes, Cognition, and Social Behavior available here.


Benjamin, Daniel J., and Laibson, David I. (2003). “Good Policies for Bad Governments: Behavioral Political Economy.” Presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Conference on How Humans Behave: Implications for Economics and Economic Policy, Cape Cod, 10 June 2003.


Chabris, C., Benjamin, D., and Simons, D. (1998). “How well do chess masters remember famous chess positions? Implications for theories of spatial expertise.” Presented at the Workshop on Object Perception and Memory, Dallas, 19 November 1998.

Book Reviews

Benjamin, Daniel J. (2009). “Review of Free Market Madness: Why Human Nature Is at Odds with Economics---And Why It Matters by Peter A. Ubel.” Journal of Economic Literature, 47(4), 1154–1156.